What is the message your heart most wishes to speak to the rest of humanity?

Get involved! Figure out your answer to the question & share it with the world!

Why does this question need to be answered?

There are a lot of voices on the planet making our ears ring with negativity, stirring the pot of drama, and basically leaving us feeling helpless, hopeless and frustrated.  It’s time to let the HEART of humanity speak!  It’s time for the messages that have been waiting in all human hearts to finally be brought to the world and to fill us with hope and joy!  There is a secret that waits to be revealed … there are many more of us who hold the codes of light in our beings than there are who hold negativity.  Until now, the predominant tones on the planet have been negative, because they are getting the most air time, perpetuated by those who stand to prosper from the majority remaining in a state of fear and powerlessness.  But that cripples the whole planet.  There is a plethora of positivity that has been held in waiting for the dawning of the Age of Light.  Once the heart of humanity is allowed to take voice, this hidden reservoir will be released onto the planet!  It is the desire of this project and its founder to receive a minimum of one million Heart Message contributions for maximum success of this project, so spread the news about this project to every soul you know, and even to those you don’t know!  We are headed for a Renaissance of Humanity the likes of which no living soul has yet witnessed.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the wait is over.  Let your heart’s voice be heard!

What is the Heart of Humanity Speaks project?

This project is intended to connect the hearts of humanity so that the world begins to truly SEE that we are all ONE and feel the heart of humanity pulsing the message of LOVE, but also Peace, Brotherhood, Harmony, Unity, and Oneness.  These messages will be used in many ways to send out a Beacon of Love to the world and to LIGHT IT UP!

Kids around the world with love valentine hearts

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Our mission is to receive 1 MILLION Heart Message!
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You can also share your heart’s Message For Humanity on the Violet Wisdom Forum. Here, too, a community is forming.

How can I participate in the project?

  • Please express your message in nine words or less. The purpose of these shorter messages are so that people can read them quickly, memorize those that move them, and repeat them easily to those they cross paths with to ripple the love out even more.
  • You can use any medium: type the message or post a picture of the message on The Heart of Humanity Facebook Page; send it to this website via email or the Contact page; or take a picture and email it.  If you choose to contribute a photo, you can be in the photo, or others can be in your photo, or it can just be the message … just make sure the message is clear for all to see, or include a note that clarifies the message, too.
  • Make sure it is the message of your heart and not your head.  You can ensure this in several ways:  put your hand on your heart and ask it to speak to you and then listen for the answer (keep your mind from jumping to assumptions); it will be a positive message (the heart only speaks with the voice of positivity); ask your heart for its truth a number of times (you will get a consistent answer from your heart; it is not fickle like the mind).  Bottom line, if you keep thinking of a negative message, it is coming from your head (do not send these); messages from your heart are ALWAYS positive and uplifting.
  • In the creation of your message, do only what honors.  For instance, use only words and images that honor all individuals and the planet (and do not do anything that violates any law or moral rights).
  • Use only your original ideas, your original artwork, your original words.  Granted, because we are all connected and all ONE, and because the language of the heart is universal, we can expect that some of these will be similar, even identical. No one need take offense, and we wish to encourage the use of whatever words any heart is desiring to bring forward and the generous and open-hearted welcoming of those words from all who participate in and partake of this project.
  • Regarding photos of messages, be as creative as you wish, but your contribution to the project must be a simple, photograph of your heart message (see examples in slide gallery).

How do I submit my Heart Message?

  • Create your Heart Message.
  • If you want to send a photo of your HEART MESSAGE, take a photograph of your message. Make sure it is a good, sharp image.  If you just want to send me the words of your HEART MESSAGE, that’s okay too.
  • Create an email addressed to TheHeartOfHumanitySpeaks@gmail.com.
  • Attach a JPG image of the Heart Message.
  • Type the words of your HEART MESSAGE even if the photo is clear, just to make sure the message will be conveyed fully.
  • In the body of your email include:
  • Your name; first name at least, and more information if you are willing; please indicate if you would like your name publicly associated with the image you send, or provide some substitution (ie, “Jacqueline G. from Ontario”)
  • Your address, or even just the state, province or country you live in
    and how you would suggest the image be identified (a title, caption, or other short description), if desired.
  • Any personal thoughts you might like to add.
  • Please note that sending me your picture means that you agree with the Disclaimer below.*
  • Then send this information and your photo (jpg please) via email!  Mail it to cynthia@cynthiashepherd.com. or to TheHeartOfHumanitySpeaks@gmail.com. **

*Disclaimer:  My participation indicates that I trust that Cynthia Shepherd’s intention for this project is pure and loving and by submitting my photograph/image to her I give her permission to use this image of my message/creation, or the words of my HEART MESSAGE, in whatever way she desires.

**Musicbed for The Heart of Humanity radio show is provided by Laura Derocher, dear friend of Cynthia, musician extraordinaire, and member of the Positive Music Association. Find out more about Laura at www.LauraDerocher.com.
(Thank you from the depths of my heart, Laura!  Cynthia)